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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The point to be discussed about the ICO is of special interest, due to the possibility of generating large percentages of returns in the cryptographic market, due to the expectations of the project and the appreciation of its token over time.

Investors who have knowledge about blockchain know about some projects and processes in which its development, pre-sale and launch are carried out. But here we will give some scope for your understanding.

An example of an ICO was the recent launch of Arbitrum and its ARB token, which managed to raise US$1.8 billion in a couple of hours on March 23, reaching a value of US$11 per token, to later correct itself in the current US $1.35 per token, at its current value as of May 1. It should be noted that the total token supply is similar to AltWoo's proposal of 10 billion, but Arbitrum has already released 12.75% of its total currency, and is currently in the CEX and DEX markets with some 208 pairs of exchange options in global crypto markets, according to sources at Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

The table following this text shows the AltWoo proposal, addressing the main objective variables, but which ultimately represent progress in 16 programmatic levels, which could be achieved with adequate financing in development and internationalization of the proposal.

With each level achieved, meeting all the objective variables in AltWoo, only 6.25% of the supply would be released, which would grant higher prices and stability, as well as better expectations based on achievements.

The clearest proposal for our investors is to generate returns for the international launch of the project, which could be achieved this year, after obtaining financing, working from 3 to 6 months dedicated to the software and marketing companies associated with the project.

The AltWoo project has a fundamental advantage over Arbitrum, since its proposal is not to be a protocol promise, but a verifiable and functional space of concrete tools for any user, their protocols will be verified and by themselves, in a concrete and expansive way in different territories, which means that the project not only has an objective in software development, but also in territorial, social and even cultural implementation, with the clear benefit of economic exchange and the pedagogical process that our tool requires.

Currently, the pre-alpha experimental platform according to Cloudflare and our Monsterinsights data indicate 15,000 views per month, which is ahead of our goals being at the 2nd and 3rd level, another variable that we do not consider and that defines public interest in a website. It is the average duration of the user on a website and on ours it is 1m:30s, which is an extraordinary indicator of the potential interest and use of the platform.

Below we can describe the option to start both the Presale and the ICO with 2.5 billion project tokens, which means 25% of the total supply.

The pre-sale is divided into three moments or investment opportunities, with a specific sale price:

A - $0.05
B - $0.1
C - $0.3
ICO & AirDrop - $0.5

Then the public sale of the remaining supply would take place in the ICO space.
It can be seen that between each investment opportunity there is a proportional increase of 200% of the price.

Alterity World On-Chain aims to develop a digital and a physical infrastructure.

The digital platform will be a web and app with four axes, the main one E-CryFi, an exchange of goods and cryptocurrencies, using Bitcoin as the main exchange standard, with competitive commissions as a source of revenue. The three supporting axes will develop the social network, press and news systems, and finally immersive market and real-time analytics.

The physical infrastructure will begin in the last stages of the digital versions already consolidated, this is projected to deliver a low cost fiber optic service, initially experimental in rural areas, incorporating a hardware bitcoin node and lightning network services with its own OS, also contain physical wallet for households, to optionally connect to the digital platform and other bitcoin services to be developed.

Development of versions in AltWoo

Tasks completed from 1 to 200

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This infrastructure will be transferred as property to the households themselves, in what we call a peripheral trend protocol, transforming users and families into investors and long-term project support.

The project is divided into 16 stages, which in turn separate each into 10, estimating the engineering work required to complete the infrastructure functionalities.

The AltWoo.com digital platform is already online along with the project's White Paper, both of which are under development and will be constantly updated depending on the allocation of available resources.

It is planned to achieve economic autonomy and the generation of consistent returns with the development of the E-CryFi system, the global platform that will simplify B2C and C2C processes, accelerating adoption with a strategic plan.

The falls in 2022 of Terra/Luna, Celsius, Voyager, Three Arrows Capital, then the falls of the FTX, Localbitcoins, Paxful platforms and now the actions of Binance, have left us great lessons regarding the operation and how relevant the solidity that must generate a blockchain project, in front of the cryptographic sector, national and international jurisdictions, considering the objective of its community and its principles of social and economic policy.

Facing the risks of the new markets and the bearish context, there are also great opportunities for consistent projects, so our goal is to take advantage of these gaps and move forward with our proposal to bring confidence and grow along with the gradual global adoption projected for the crypto market.

A thesis of the Alterity project is that global cryptographic adoption requires a greater force, than only proposing competitive or friendly Internet applications (digital infrastructure), it is necessary to relate the service structures and their ownership with the users (physical infrastructure), of this a true will to use and promote the users themselves can be born, as well as the self-sustainability of their markets.

Funds raised by AltWoo


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Assigned resources in AltWoo

Based on 100% available

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Moving the project forward requires financing, so we have looked at two avenues for raising and attracting investment based on the AltWoo proposal.

The first is the equity route, that is, selling part of the initial company's stake. The sale projects the amounts necessary to cover the costs of the development of versions 0.8, 0.9 and the initial coin offering (ICO), as well as the start-up of the global entity that will develop all the project's capabilities.

The second way of financing is the ICO, which in the cryptographic field and in our project we can define it as a utility token, which will be part of the global platform. We could also focus on this modality, as some successful projects such as Binance, got their early autonomy thanks to their ICO, which allowed them to avoid dependence on stock series for their expansion. The details of the ICO are published in the item "Initial Coin Offering (ICO)".

Depending on the initial results of the fundraising, we will be able to project the scope of the commitments with the companies that can work with us. The list of them is published at the end of the text in the item "Partner Companies".

To increase transparency and reduce speculation, investment and development reports will be available online and updated on the platform for investors to study and make their projections.

All contributions will be made public, via the real-time audit trail on AltWoo's website, with exceptions for confidentiality or investor data protection covenants which will be respected.

The project is already on some investment pages and social networks. where you can check additional information, we have also been invited to blockchain events in some countries that we will be updating on social networks.

Monthly spend on AltWoo


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Roadmap progress

Weekly plan

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As the fundraising proposes two modalities, both the sale of our token and the sale of shares. The means of receiving capital will be published and after the investment is made, the allocated tokens or the digitized share ownership certificate will be returned to your wallet, within approximately one month. The latter modality is somewhat more bureaucratic, so it is defined by the registration and legalization deadlines.

Being a blockchain project, we suggest the token modality for investors, which grants similar ownership characteristics and future participation, as well as greater control to investors, both for booking, selling or buying in public markets with better commissions, privacy and immediacy.

For this, we will prepare instructions to facilitate each modality that the investor wishes.

If you want extra information before contributing please write to funding@altwoo.com or visit our platform.

Proposed Terms:

    • Risks: The investor must accept the risks, with respect to the modification of the time for the fulfillment of responsibilities, either by extension of the project or temporary insolvency.
    • Compromise: The founding team, its partners and investors must be committed to the principles of probity of the project, data protection, privacy and economic security of its users, considering the alterity of different cultures and their ecosystems.


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